Climaware Migraine/Headache Wrap

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Tap into unsurpassed comfort with instant icing, heating and contrast!

You crave to relax & unwind all the time, but you don't have time for messy solutions. Its time to advance to the instant & effortless relief of CLIMAWARETM . Our proprietary patented ClimaCon® technology, allows for immediate application of multi-modal temperature relief – Hot, Cold and Contrast – that is time-honored, trusted and well established. Just a tap of your finger is enough send icy relief of 50F or a warm comfort of 122F to rejuvenate you within seconds. What’s more, its intelligent electronics allow automatic application of contrast temperatures at pre-programmed time intervals. So whether you’re in a rush or you’re taking a break, you can pamper yourself with its portable comfort, anytime, anywhere.

The design of the Migraine Wrap provides strategic coverage of the two main trigger points of migraine, the forehead and the temple, for maximum relief with active compression and temperature conformance.

Technical Specifications 

User Controllable temperature range: 38F to 140F adjustable to four levels of cooling and heating

Weight: 19.4 oz

Material: Microfilament polyester with enhanced breathability and moisture management

Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (7.4V, 2000 mAh)

Battery Weight:2.8 oz

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Regular: 22" Head Circumference 

Large: 22" to 24" Head Circumference 

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