Climaware ProntoHeat Jacket (Full Sleeves)

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Climaware Heated Jacket

Features & Benefits:

  • The heating points of the patented ClimaCon® technology are strategically positioned on the jacket to provide maximum heating comfort to the upper torso.
  • Our unique system, for the first time, empowers the wearer to control the temperature inside the Jacket, within a range that is optimum for performance and protection. Temperature range (inside jacket): ~ 77°F to 113°F.
  • Enduring quality and robustness that is immune to damage in adverse conditions.
  • Extremely lightweight (~28 oz excluding batteries; weight of battery ~ 7.6 oz) and manageable to facilitate easy, unrestrained movement.
  • Easily rechargeable LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries power the system. A single charge of battery lasts for up to 4 hours of complete performance.
  • The jacket employs advanced construction with high-insulating fleece materials. It is perfectly contoured for an excellent fit and ease of movement.
  • For a high-performance jacket, it is surprisingly easy to wash and maintain. The battery and control unit are designed to be detachable and can be conveniently separated from the main body of the Jacket during washing.

Climaware ProntoHeat Jacket is an extremely lightweight and compact product designed for outdoor winter activities. The heating points of the jacket are strategically placed on the thermoregulatory centers of the human body for encompassing warmth.

The core of our body is the seat of all our vital organs. In cold weather, our brain employs clever ways to keep our core warm. It concentrates body heat to the centre of our bodies,  and shrinks blood vessels to prevent heat loss from the limbs. 

But exposure to extreme cold overwhelms our brain and taxes our body’s internal heat regulating machinery. Wearing multiple layers to prevent cold interferes with free movement. Our innovation takes the load-off the brain by pumping in active heat to the core of the body. Climaware ProntoHeat Jacket weighs no more than a regular pair of jeans, and actively provides sustained heating.


    Technical Specifications:
    • User controllable temperature range: 77°F to 113°F adjustable to four levels of heating
    • Weight: 28 oz
    • Material: Multi-layered high-insulation fleece material
    • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (7.4 V, 4400 mAh)
    • Run-time: Up to 4 hours
    • Battery weight: 7.6 oz

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