Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office September 23, 2015 08:08

No control over your office thermostat? Does your boss keep it frigid all year round? Shiver no more! 

3 Products to keep you warm all year 

1. Climaware Neck Wrap: Using the fact that your neck is one area of the body that can disperse heat throughout the body. This small rechargeable wrap can keep you warm all day without slowing you down. Bonus: Can also cool you down when you walk outside into the summer heat.   

Climaware neck wrap- stay warm or cool in any office


2. ProntoHeat Vest:  This simple vest will probably keep you warm at work by itself, but switch the heat on and you will be able to handle the coldest office temps or cold fall days. 

Stay warm in the office- Heated Vest

3. ProntoHeat Jacket: Does your office feel like the arctic? Then step up to this heavy duty solution, this fleece jacket will keep you warm on a fall day without a problem but when you need a boost just turn on the heat and you'll feel like it's a warm summer day. If this doesn't keep you warm in the office you must be working in a cryotherapy chamber. 

Heated jacket keeps you warm in the harshest temperatures