ClimaCon: The technology that powers ClimaWare products February 11, 2015 16:13

ClimaCon® is a preeminent patented technology that allows user-controllable temperatures between 38 °F (4 °C) to 140 °F (60 °C) at the touch of a button. This futuristic technology was created using adaptations of the principles of Peltier Effect. The thermal efficiency of ClimaCon® systems has been optimized through extensive human body thermal mapping research.

The novel heat exchange mechanism of ClimaCon® is designed to be exceedingly lightweight and portable. This enables the technology to be seamlessly incorporated into versatile product applications.

Additionally, the technology is energy-efficient, noise-free and green. It eliminates the use of harmful CFCs used by most cooling systems.


At the heart of the technology is the novel heat exchanger, coupled with the ingenious use of specially
designed heat transfer/absorbing materials, making it exceedingly compact and portable.

ClimaCon® leads the global technological front on the following counts:

  • High rates of heat dissipation
  • Controllable cooling/heating to .01°C accuracy
  • Ability to rapidly alternate between cooling and heating (within seconds)
  • Sustained cooling without fans and fins
  • Seamless integration with wearable systems
  • Radical elimination of bulky supporting units
  • 300% lighter than contemporary solutions