Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office September 23, 2015 08:08

No control over your office thermostat? Does your boss keep it frigid all year round? Shiver no more! 

3 Products to keep you warm all year 

1. Climaware Neck Wrap: Using the fact that your neck is one area of the body that can disperse heat throughout the body. This small rechargeable wrap can keep you warm all day without slowing you down. Bonus: Can also cool you down when you walk outside into the summer heat.   

Climaware neck wrap- stay warm or cool in any office


2. ProntoHeat Vest:  This simple vest will probably keep you warm at work by itself, but switch the heat on and you will be able to handle the coldest office temps or cold fall days. 

Stay warm in the office- Heated Vest

3. ProntoHeat Jacket: Does your office feel like the arctic? Then step up to this heavy duty solution, this fleece jacket will keep you warm on a fall day without a problem but when you need a boost just turn on the heat and you'll feel like it's a warm summer day. If this doesn't keep you warm in the office you must be working in a cryotherapy chamber. 

Heated jacket keeps you warm in the harshest temperatures



ClimaCon: The technology that powers ClimaWare products February 11, 2015 16:13

ClimaCon® is a preeminent patented technology that allows user-controllable temperatures between 38 °F (4 °C) to 140 °F (60 °C) at the touch of a button. This futuristic technology was created using adaptations of the principles of Peltier Effect. The thermal efficiency of ClimaCon® systems has been optimized through extensive human body thermal mapping research.

The novel heat exchange mechanism of ClimaCon® is designed to be exceedingly lightweight and portable. This enables the technology to be seamlessly incorporated into versatile product applications.

Additionally, the technology is energy-efficient, noise-free and green. It eliminates the use of harmful CFCs used by most cooling systems.


At the heart of the technology is the novel heat exchanger, coupled with the ingenious use of specially
designed heat transfer/absorbing materials, making it exceedingly compact and portable.

ClimaCon® leads the global technological front on the following counts:

  • High rates of heat dissipation
  • Controllable cooling/heating to .01°C accuracy
  • Ability to rapidly alternate between cooling and heating (within seconds)
  • Sustained cooling without fans and fins
  • Seamless integration with wearable systems
  • Radical elimination of bulky supporting units
  • 300% lighter than contemporary solutions

Contrast Therapy- What does the research say? February 08, 2015 16:28

What is contrast therapy?

Contrast therapy alternates temperature between hot and cold in order to reduce pain, inflammation, and improve muscle recovery. This is basically a variation or combination of cryotherapy (cold) and thermotherapy (heat) that are commonly used to treat various conditions. Usually the contrast is achieved by alternating between one tub of hot water and one tub of cold water, either using whole body tubs or small tubs that can just fit body part affected. Another way to achieve the contrast therapy is to use an ice pack and a heat pack and manually switch between the two every couple of minutes, this is a more targeted approach for a specific injury or condition. Of course you can go for the high tech option and use one of the Climaware products that can do this automatically with preset times and temperatures built right into the brace for the area you need.


Why contrast therapy?

While the research specifically for contrast therapy is limited right now, the few studies out there show that contrast therapy can provide some significant benefits. Contrast baths have been used for years in sports medicine to treat sub-acute soft tissue and joint injuries.

Faster recovery from muscle soreness and prevention of soreness (1)

Decreased muscle strength and power loss (1)

Decreased blood levels of creatine kinase (a blood marker of muscle damage) (1)

Changes in blood flow to the area (increased during hot phase and decreased during cold phase)(2)

Athletes who use contrast therapy (baths) after training/competition report less tight muscles, feeling lighter, and a feeling of mental freshness. (3)

Decreased DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) compared to warm whirlpool or passive rest (3)

How does it work?

Thermotherapy (heat)- Increases local blood flow, increases muscle elasticity, causes local vasodilation, reduces muscle spasms, and increases metabolite production (3).

Cryotherapy(cold)- Causes vasoconstriction which decreases the swelling and inflammation in the area (3). Cryotherapy also has a general analgesic effect by decreasing nerve conduction velocity and excitability (reducing how easily and quickly pain signals can be sent to the brain).

Contrast Therapy- Combines the above effects with a theoretical pumping action by causing vasodilation during the heat phase and vasoconstriction during the cold phase


(1) Contrast Water Therapy and Exercise Induced Muscle
Damage: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

(2) Changes in Lower-Leg Blood Flow During Warm-, Cold-,
and Contrast-Water Therapy

(3) Alternating hot and cold water immersion
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Check out Climaware in Popular science December 23, 2014 20:22

Check out this article in Popular Science to see how the technology that powers Climaware was developed and get an idea of how this new technology works. 

A band that can get hot and cold on-demand is far more convenient than squirming under a dripping ice pack.” –