A band that can get hot and cold on-demand is far more convenient than squirming under a dripping ice pack.” – popsci.com 

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Are you happy with your ice pack?

You probably haven’t given much thought to how well your ice pack works unless you have been trying to ice or heat an area multiple times per day. But does your ice pack really fit the area you are trying to ice? Is it easy to keep it on the area? Does it provide compression? Or work with a brace? No longer do you need to buy multiple bulky heat and ice packs that aren't designed ergonomically to fit where you need them. The Climaware product line offers ice, heat, and contrast therapy all in one product designed for your specific need. 


The first product designed to deliver ice, heat, and contrast therapy in a convenient, portable package.

No more bulky ice packs in the freezer, no more heat packs in the microwave. The Climaware can ice or heat an area with the added benefit of compression or bracing if needed. Climaware not only lets you choose ice or heat but can switch between the two in seconds allowing for a unique contrast therapy that used to require bulky equipment or tubs of water at different temperatures. 



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